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Educational Videos

Kitchen Knife Safety 101:

Knife Safety Video 2015 from PowerUp on Vimeo.

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Welcome to the Challenge   Get Super Powers!   Juggling for 5 a day!

The Breakfast Boost   Super Power Snacks   Cool Kabobs
Movin and Groovin   Way Cool Water   Super Smoothies

Brain Breaks

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What is a Brain Break?   Veggie Picking   Chair Adventures
Relax & Stretch (slow moves)   Fruit Salad   Moving Through the Seasons
Sports   Animals   Raise the Roof

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PowerUp Video 2014    Blooper Reel 2014   PowerUp Chat with Pixie
Chat with Cadi O'Connell   Cha-Cha Slide   PowerUp Kid's Kickoff 2012

Blooper Reel 2012   PowerUp KickOff   Nick Jonas PowersUp!

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