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Why Eating Better Matters


PowerUp focuses on improving the health of kids, families and our community. And eating better is key!


The food we eat fuels our body and brain, and has a big effect on our health and well-being, especially as kids grow. We know that getting a jump start on healthy habits and preferences early in childhood will set the stage for a lifetime of eating better. With picky eaters and busy schedules, feeding kids can seem daunting, but it can also be an exciting and delicious adventure.

PowerUp is here to help kids be curious about fruits and veggies with fun and creative ways for introducing them in the kitchen, at the table, and with games and activities. When children are exposed to lots of fruits and vegetables in these positive ways, over time they are more likely to:

- Want to try them

- Learn to like them

- Ask to eat them!


…and that makes all the difference. Simply put: eating better can be fun and help us all feel great!