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About PowerUp in the St. Croix Valley

Our Commitment to PowerUp

In 2013, PowerUp launched in the St. Croix Valley with community advisors and partners, as a grassroots approach to addressing childhood obesity.

PowerUp works with community advisors and partners across the St. Croix Valley to create positive community change. PowerUp helps kids grow up healthy through: kids cooking classes; open gyms and outdoor activities; stronger school wellness guidelines; more healthy foods at food shelves, community events and concessions.

PowerUp addresses the core contributors to overweight and obesity in children. Research shows that today‚Äôs children are experiencing weight issues at younger ages and will live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents, unless we commit to significant, wide spread change. 

Our communities are ready to make this change and 94% of those surveyed say PowerUp is important in helping our kids grow up healthy. Together, we are already engaging our communities and creating change to improve these trends and help our kids grow up healthy.


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