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Measuring Our Progress Across Communities

10 Year Report

From its roots in the St. Croix Valley, PowerUp has grown and expanded across multiple communities with new partners, digital and print resources, school programs and community outreach. After 10 years, PowerUp continues to reflect HealthPartners' commitment to healthy kids, families and communities, and remains more important than ever.

Trend Survey

HealthPartners is also committed to measuring the impact of PowerUp in our communities over time through the TREND survey – a partnership with the HealthPartners Institute. This rigorous community survey measures child and caregiver behaviors and caregiver desires related to nutrition and physical activity, over time in communities where PowerUp is most active. 

9 out of 10 parents and caregivers continue to say the goal of PowerUp is important

Caregivers in target communities report their child eats 3.9 servings of fruits and vegetables, compared to the recommended 5 or more per day. Many said it was because produce was less available and they went grocery shopping less often in 2021

Children's physical activity increased between 2014-2018 and then decreased in 2021. Many caregivers said the decrease was due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Results showed that communities of colors and families in urban areas face greater barriers to nutrition and physical activity resources