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Meet Chomp

This is my friend, his name is Chomp. He likes veggies and to play and romp.

Standing more than 7-feet tall. Making eating better & moving more fun for all.

Chomp inspires kids to jump and play, and try new foods in colorful ways.

He’s bright orange and strong as steel. He’s a carrot that kids know is the real deal.

The PowerUp countdown is his cheer. He shouts it loud for all to hear–

fruits and veggies everyday

colors or more and you’re on your way

meals a day makes you feel so fine

hours or less plugged in to screen time

1 hour of play, powers your body and brain

sugary drinks, and energy you’ll gain

5-4-3-2-1 and 0….. Chomp is our PowerUp super hero!

My kids feel like they know Chomp. Like he's their personal friend. For some kids, it may be their only positive association with a vegetable!

Katie J., PowerUp Mom