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Countless times every day, you might find yourself reminding the little ones in your life to say “please” and “thank you”. These manners are valuable, but have you considered taking “thanks” beyond manners? Giving thanks and being grateful can start as early as kids are sitting with the family at mealtimes and it comes with many benefits. For kids and adults, we know that practicing gratitude: 

  • Lowers stress and helps us feel good 
  • Improves sleep and energy 
  • Helps us work through hard times and big emotions 
  • Creates a positive environment for you and those around you 

Practicing gratitude can be simple. Here are five ways you can express gratitude each day: 

Keep a gratitude journal

Writing or drawing the things you are grateful for helps you feel good. Color, draw, write, paint – the options are endless!  

Give thanks before meals

Mealtime is the perfect time to think about gratitude. From the farmer who grew the food, to the person who prepared it, to the people who are present to enjoy the food with you, there are many things to be grateful for. Check out Table Talk for more mealtime conversation starters. 

Thank your body for everything it does

Smiling, jumping, waving, dancing, breathing and so much more! Being grateful for the ways your body helps you move in big and small ways each day is something we all can do. Explore a fun way to move and groove with The Chomp Stomp.

Tell others you’re grateful for them

It can be a family member, friend, teacher, coach, delivery driver, cashier or anyone who is important in your life. Take your expression of gratitude one step further by writing or drawing them a personal note.  

Recharge your mind and body

Taking time to rest, breathe, stretch and relax sets the stage for a gratitude mindset. Being present helps us notice things we are grateful for. Recharge with the Relax & Stretch video. 

PowerUp helps kids and families to recharge and feel good with simple activities like music, art, journaling, stretching, dancing and more.