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Get Kids Excited About the MAGIC of Winter

Monday, December 6, 2021

Getting kids excited to play outside in the cool weather can be challenging. Welcoming winter with wonder and keeping kids curious, by winter-izing their favorite activities, can make all the difference. The cool weather does not have to chill your thrill! Dressing for the weather is the first step in creating comfort and warmth to prepare and help get kids excited for outdoor play. Dress like an onion, in layers, to keep warm. Peel layers of clothing off or add more, as needed. Once dressed and ready, get exploring! Winter offers a new and magical environment for movement, art, games, imagination and color. There’s something for everyone!  

Below are fun ways to get kids excited about the MAGIC of winter!  


  • Winter Maze: Walk through the snow to plow a path and create a maze. Then challenge friends and family to see who can move through it the fastest!  

  • Relay Race: Put a variety of winter activities together to build a wacky relay race. Whether it’s pulling a sled, running through a path in the snow, or throwing a snowball into a target, see who can do it the fastest! 



  • Ice Ornaments: Gather a variety of items found in nature (sticks, berries, leaves, rocks, etc.) into a shallow dish or plate. Fill the dish with water and add a long string. Place them outside overnight to freeze, then hang them up to enjoy! 

  • Build Snow Critters: The fun doesn’t have to stop with building a snowman when there are many other fun creatures to build out of snow. Roll snowballs or make other shapes to build caterpillars, spiders, or bears!  



  • Tic-Tac-Snow: Make one or more tic-tac-toe boards by using a stick to draw the playing board in the snow. Have players draw “X’s” or “O’s” on the board or use items found in nature to mark the spots. 

  • Pitch Brrr-fect Target: Draw a snowball target with rings and a bullseye on cardboard or paper. Hang it up outside or set up against a tree, in an area where it’s okay to throw snowballs. Roll some snowballs and then aim for the bullseye with each pitch. 



  • Move Toys Outdoors: Summer sand toys like shovels and buckets, trucks and cars, and even kitchen spoons and measuring cups can make snow play even more fun. Let imaginations soar by creating “snow soup,” towns and roads, bridges and more!  

  • Mini Ice Palace: With ice found in nature or made in the freezer, get creative and construct a mini ice palace for your toys. What other items can you find to decorate or play with in the palace? Make up a story to make it extra magical! 


  • Snow Painting: Adding color to activities and crafts makes them fun! Use the white snow as an outdoor canvas. Mix food coloring and water into spray bottles and start creating a winter masterpiece. 

  • Color Hunt: While winter might seem mostly white and shades of brown, there are lots of colors to be found. Take a winter walk and hunt for all colors in the rainbow! 


Looking for ways to inspire students to move more and feel good this winter? Check out our new Cool Weather Activity Booklet or participate in the PowerUp School Challenge and earn a classroom incentive!