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Outdoor Wild Winter Activities

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Outdoor Wild Winter Fun!

PowerUp Winter Survival

Feeling stuck inside this winter? We've got you covered! PowerUp with some of these creative and wacky ways to make the winter snow your friend, and invite others to join the fun!

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#1. Make Snow Angels!

This is always a favorite, get out and find a fresh patch of snow to jump in and make some fun snow angels! Making snow angels even MORE wild and wacky this winter by using snow paint (directions from #4) to add colors to your snow angel.



Image result for sno- made caterpillars

#2. Create Crazy Snow Critters!

Roll snowballs or use a snowball maker to create caterpillars or spiders! Make them extra big if you want to sit on them while enjoying an outdoor picnic. Find some yummy PowerUp Winter snacks here!



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#3. It's Tee Time!
Who said you need greens to play mini golf? Grab some clubs and balls and gather an empty tin can. For a fun craft, you can make a small flag pole for you putting “greens” by cutting out a triangle of felt and pasting it to a wooden stick using fabric glue. Of course, make it more fun by having kids decorate their own!


Pat down some snow for the “green” and stick the tin can into the ground to make a “hole”. Use snow paint to make the course extra exciting! You can also build ramps and blocks to create a bigger challenge!


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#4. Snow Painting!

Adding color to activities and crafts (and meals, too) makes them fun! So, why not make your winter canvas- no matter what size- filled with color this year? That’s right, paint your snow! Look here to see how you can make your own snow paint!

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#5. Get out of Bed and Sled!

Grab a sled or a tube (summer tubes work too!) and find a hill! This is an easy way to have fun for hours. Make it even more of a challenge by having races up the hill! Here is a fun place to tube or sled nearby!



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#6. Build a snow fort!

There’s “snow” place like home...outdoors! Using buckets or snow block molds, have fun building a snow fort. Invite your friends and create an entire neighborhood of snow forts!




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#7. There’s no fun…Like GLOW fun!

Who doesn’t love glow sticks?? Luckily there are fun games for those snowy nights. Have a glow stick hunt! One person buries glow sticks deep enough so that only a little color shows through, then everyone else digs to find them! For another fun idea, use glow sticks as a way to decorate your winter creations!

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#8. Play Ring-of-Snow Toss

Using snow paint or a hoola hoop, make a fun snow toss activity! Kids can practice their aim by throwing from different distances to get as close to the center of the hoop as they can! If the snow is sticky, you can use snow balls!



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#9. Tic Tac Snow!

Kids can make one or more tic-tac-toe boards by using a stick to carve the playing board. Then find a few sticks to use as “X’s” and whatever else to make “O’s”. You can also draw in the letters!




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#10. Stick-the-nose on the Snowman!

Everyone loves the challenge of pin-the-tail on the donkey, so why not bring it outside? If the snow is sticky, build a snowman and take turns trying to stick the nose on the right place while blindfolded!



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#11. Construction Zone!

Dig out the toy cars and trucks and make your own miniature roads to plow! If you want to challenge your creativity further, try building a racing track and race your cars!





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#12. Relay Races!

With a combination of the ideas above, create an awesome and wacky relay race! Whether it’s pulling each other on sleds or snow painting a picture, see who can do it the fastest!