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Thursday, June 07, 2018 - Let's play ball (and just play) at CHS Field!

Players on the field won’t be the only ones staying active at St. Paul Saints games this season. The HealthPartners PowerUp Play Zone is ready for families to get active and have fun.

“The HealthPartners PowerUp Play Zone is an incredible addition to CHS Field,” said Derek Sharrer, Saints Executive Vice President and General Manager. “The Saints experience, at its core, is about fun and family. I can’t imagine anything that hits those two criteria better than this.  It provides a wonderful mix of activities for kids of all ages with an entertaining focus on healthy eating.”

Located behind centerfield, this innovative area gets kids to not only move more, but also encourages better eating. These zones have been created for kids to dance, climb, play and slide.

 peak    PowerUp Peak

This supervised 12-foot high climbing wall has two separate harnessed climbing lanes with strategically placed fruits and veggies to be used as hand grips. The “Try For 5″ encourages kids to reach five of the fruits and vegetables on the wall. This reinforces the importance of eating at least five fruits and vegetables each day.


Based on a classic board game, this interactive game comes complete with a spinner on the wall that prompts players to move forward if they land on a fruit or vegetable and skip a turn if they spin other options. The first player to reach the end wins. 
   The Fruit Shute

Climb to the top and speed down the slides and chutes, all decked out in cute, fruity friends.

Club Clementine

Turn up the music. Let the lights glimmer off the disco ball. And get your groove on. Rad Raspberries, Groovy Grapes, and an Orange who can do the twist as the PowerUp Dance Cam catches the kids dancing the night away.