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Before you begin paddling on your PowerUp adventure, make sure you know the different ways to paddle while on the water.

There are 5 main strokes to use while you are paddling your canoe or kayak:

The Forward Stroke
Reach forward with both the shaft and grip hands and place the paddle in the water. Then simply draw it straight back, twisting your body through the stroke. Then switch sides.

The J Stroke
Its purpose is to compensate for the tendency to turn during the simple forward stroke. Begin as you would for a forward stroke, but when the paddle blade crosses to the back of your body, twist the shaft so that the blade turns outward, like a ā€œJā€. Reverse the motion for paddling on the starboard (right) side.

The Back Stroke
This is the reverse of the forward stroke. Simply reach back with both hands and place the paddle in the water to the rear of your body, and then pull forward. The backward stroke is used to stop the canoe when you already have forward momentum or slow it in moving water. 

The Draw Stroke
Use the draw stroke is used to change your and move sideways. With your shaft hand, reach out and place the paddle into the water. Then pull it inwards while pushing your grip hand outwards. 

The Pry Stroke
This is the opposite of the draw stroke. It pushes you away from the paddling side. Place the blade in the water; it should be as close to the boat as possible. Your gripping hand should be out as far as you can reach. Pull in with the grip hand while pushing out with the shaft hand. 

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