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Active Games
Click here for printable game cards.
Bottle - Bash Soccer 

Have fun kicking and bowling at the same time! 

What You Need: 
- Soccer ball, play ball or any ball to kick 
- 10 “pins” made of household objects: paper towel rolls, stacked toilet paper, or empty laundry detergent bottles filled part-way with water to weigh them down. 

1. Divide players into two teams - four or more players is best

2. Line up five “pins” for each team, spacing pins two feet apart. The two row’s should be at least 30 feet apart. 

3. Dribble the ball with feet and pass the ball, trying to knock down opponents’ “pins”, while guarding your own. There are no boundaries, so players can attach the bottles from any direction. 

4. Every time a bottle gets knocked down, the ball changes possession (stealing is also permitted). The first team to knock down all of the other team’s bottles wins.

Hula Hoopla 

The hula hoop was big in the 1960s and “hooping” is hip again today!
A great way to PowerUp! It strengthens core muscles, fosters coordination, and best of all it is fun! 

Tips to get you started: 
1. Choose the right hoop. Bigger and heavier hoops are better for beginners. A good rule of thumb: when held perpendicular to the ground, the hoop should come up to at least the user’s belly button. Look for a heavier hoop made from 3/4 inch tubing. 

2. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and one foot slightly in front of the other. Hold the hoop and practice rocking your hips from front to back. Alternatively rock with your feet parallel and rock your hips from side to side. (picture A and B) 

3. Find the rhythm. Contraty to popular belief, you don’t mover your hips in a circle to keep a hoop spinning, it’s actually a rocking motion.

4. Stand with the hoop resting against your lower back and pulled slightly toward the back foot (picture B). Rock out: quickly whip the hoop in the direction of your front foot while rocking your hips. (picture C) 

5. Listen to music. Hooping is rhythmic in nature, so playing music with a moderately fast beat can help new hoopers master the movement! 

6. Take a break. If your hoop is spending more time around your ankles than your hips, try hand-hooping instead: spin the hoop around your hand horizontally overhead or in a vertical position at your side.

Family Fun Search and Scavenge!

Supplies needed: • Paper • Pencils or markers • Bag (to collect items) 

Explore the neighborhood! Create your very own scavenger hunt and take a walk around the neighborhood as a family! Make it a nature hunt or a treasure hunt by placing your own “treasure” items around your home and let the kids loose to explore and discover the treasure!

Customize this activity to your very own level of difficulty: one of the easiest ways to do this could be to create a list of things in your neighborhood that would be simple to spot or pick up on your walk. 

Some examples include: acorn, squirrel, the letter “B”, pine tree, goose, blue bird, maple leaf, twig, frog, etc. Another way to set up the hunt could be a “bingo” board with each item in its own box. The first one to get a bingo wins a prize! You can do the activity described above anywhere! Why not take an adventure and explore a local park? 

Click here for printable game cards.