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PowerUp TRY-athlon

Power your way to the finish line with our PowerUp TRY-athlon tracker. It isn't your typical triathlon. It has a fun PowerUp twist to help get your family excited about TRY-ing new ways to eat better and move more. 

Download and print the tracker here.

Looking for more fun ways to PowerUp? Here are some ideas:

  • TRY growing your own vegetable
  • TRY adding a green veggie to a smoothie
  • TRY a screen-free weekend
  • TRY making your own outdoor obstacle course
  • TRY mini golfing
  • TRY a watermelon seed spitting contest
  • TRY roasting fruit over a campfire
  • TRY food art
  • TRY playing hopscotch
  • TRY having the kids plan a PowerUp dinner
  • TRY a backyard picnic
  • TRY playing limbo
  • TRY coming up with your own ideas! There's so many fun ways to TRY new ways to PowerUp!