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Anti-Racism Parenting Podcast

Friday, April 30, 2021

Early Risers: A Podcast from Little Moments Count

George Floyd’s death was a tragedy and a wake up call — expanding a global conversation about race and racism. And young children have been watching it all. So how do we help them make sense of this? Early Risers is podcast from Little Moments Count and MPR with frank facts, engaging stories and real how-tos for anyone who cares about raising children with a clear-eyed understanding of cultural differences, race and implicit bias. Hosted by Dianne Haulcy of Think Small.

About the host, Dianne Haulcy:

Known for her leadership and vast experience in the field of early childhood development and education, Dianne Haulcy serves as Senior Vice President of Family Engagement at Think Small, an organization which provides services, resources, and advocacy for early childhood education in Minnesota.  Dianne is actively involved in Little Moments Count, a statewide collaborative of organizations working to help increase parent and community interaction with babies and children. 

Following the killing of George Floyd, Dianne wrote a blogpost in which she called on colleagues in the early childhood field to wake up to the reality of racism and implicit bias in how we’re raising and teaching our children.  The seed for Early Risers was planted – a podcast about racial equity in early childhood, and hope that we can raise a generation who will bring a new dawn of racial equity for the future.

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