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Power Chef Challenge

It's time for the Power Chef Challenge!

Kids and families, do you want to learn how to cook up some fun and earn the title of Power Chef? It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Find the Power Chef Challenge game sheet inside the Power Pack magazine, or print a copy here

  2. Earn the Title of Power Chef. The goal of this challenge is to master all 10 Power Chef skills while Trying for Five in the kitchen. Cross off each skill on the challenge game sheet as you complete it. Start with Chef Skill #1 (scrub your hands) and then keep going as you wash, slice, squeeze, tear, whisk, cut, crumble, saute and roast your way to the title of Power Chef!

  3. Complete the Challenge and become a member of the Power Chef Club. Just fill out this brief Power Chef form once you complete the challenge and you will receive a personalized Power Chef Club certificate (by email) to proudly display, PLUS a chance to win a Power Chef Pack.